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12 Mar 2016

There is a new Spacehardware Facebook page here.

01 Mar 2016

Another product in collaboration with Studio Electronics - the Quadnic

A four oscillator eurorack module, with wave shaping, wave sequencing, chord mode, and unison mode.
Each oscillator can be controlled by an independent CV input, or can share the same CV as oscillator 1 and can be detuned relative to oscillator 1.
There are four separate outputs for the oscilators and one mix output.
See the Products page for more details.

22 Nov 2015

Another product from Spacehardware - the Grainy Clampit

An additive oscillator eurorack module produced in collaboration with Studio Electronics.
See the Products page for more details.

8 June 2014

Spacehardware have their first product in the shops - Pittsburgh Modular DNA Symbiotic Waves.
See the Products page for more details.